About us

Infrastructure Victoria is tasked with ensuring that the future of our state is planned with transparent, independent and expert infrastructure advice. It guides decision-making and enhance public debate about Victoria’s future.

Our Purpose

Infrastructure Victoria is transforming the way infrastructure planning is undertaken in Victoria. We aim to ensure long-term infrastructure planning is thoughtful, evidence-based, consultative and transparent.

We promote rigorous and transparent decision-making and work with the community and stakeholders to build consensus about well-planned and high-quality infrastructure projects.

Our team

Infrastructure Victoria is led by CEO Michel Masson and a board of seven members comprising four members from the private or non-government sectors, and three from the public sector.

Meet the board and CEO

Job opportunities

All job opportunities with Infrastructure Victoria will be listed on the employment page.


Independent advice

One of Infrastructure Victoria’s core roles is to provide written advice to government on specific infrastructure matters. The advice that may be sought from Infrastructure Victoria is not limited to but can include:

  • assessment of any major infrastructure projects proposed by government or the private sector (market-led proposals)
  • intergovernmental submissions
  • government’s infrastructure plans.

Infrastructure Victoria will report each year in its annual report what matters the government has requested advice on.

For more information on projects Infrastructure Victoria will provide advice on, visit our advice page.

Fact sheets

Download our fact sheets to find out more about Infrastructure Victoria.

Infrastructure Victoria fact sheet (PDF 140KB)

Infrastructure Victoria's independence fact sheet (PDF 172KB)