Infrastructure Victoria is examining ways to manage Melbourne’s transport demand and get the most efficient use out of the transport network.

We have released research which has used a new approach to transport modelling to better understand how Melbourne’s road and public transport network might be used in 2030, and provide a comparison to 2015. We have also undertaken community research to explore people’s travel behaviour and attitudes.

For more information, read the Travel Demand and Movement Patterns Report, visit the Managing Transport Demand webpage, or watch this video.



Victorian Infrastructure Plan - response to Infrastructure Victoria's 30-year strategy.

The Victorian Government has released the Victorian Infrastructure Plan.

The plan responds to our 30-year infrastructure strategy delivered to the Victorian Parliament in December 2016.

You can read the Victorian Infrastructure Plan here


Victoria's 30-year infrastructure strategy

The 30-year infrastructure strategy set out recommendations for the future of Victoria’s infrastructure.

30-year infrastructure strategy (PDF 19.6MB)

30-year infrastructure strategy (accessible word doc 3.47MB)

Options book (PDF 13.9MB)

Draft strategy phase consultation report (PDF 3MB)

The draft strategy, options, foundations and establishment papers, and technical reports that were drawn upon in the development of the strategy are available to view in the Infrastructure Victoria document library.




Text transcript (accessible text file 2.7KB)   



Advice on securing Victoria's ports capacity

Infrastructure Victoria has delivered advice to government on Victoria’s future ports capacity.  The advice covers the future need, timing and location of a second container port for Victoria.

The advice is available to read here.

More information about the request for advice is available here.

Discussion papers and technical reports related to the development of the advice are available here.

Advice on securing Victoria's ports capacity (PDF 15.5MB)

Advice on securing Victoria's ports capacity (accessible Word doc 10.9MB)

Fact sheet - advice on securing Victoria's ports capacity (2MB)




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