Can you imagine a world with driverless cars? And if so, what would that look like?

Infrastructure Victoria has developed a report outlining seven possible futures for the introduction of driverless and zero emissions vehicles to the state. This report marks an important step in responding to government’s request for advice on what infrastructure would be required to support automated and zero emissions vehicles in Victoria.

For more information read the report, watch the short video below or visit the webpage.

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Infrastructure Victoria has released the research paper Five-year focus: Immediate actions to tackle congestion.

The paper identifies key problem areas now and in the future on Melbourne’s transport network and examines what can be done over the next five years to improve travel time and reliability.

To cope with the growth in transport demand in the short term, we have developed a package of recommendations for government which are practical, low cost, could be delivered quickly and build on existing measures that have proven effective.

For more information, read our research paper or visit the Managing Transport Demand webpage.


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