Infrastructure strategy being developed from the ground up

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Work has started on a 30-year infrastructure strategy for Victoria, with population growth, technology advances and environmental challenges among the key considerations of the strategy, Infrastructure Victoria chair Jim Miller said today.

Mr Miller said Infrastructure Victoria had released an introductory paper - From The Ground Up  - to outline some of the issues, ideas and opportunities it will be considering as it develops its strategy.

“Having the right infrastructure in place at the right time is critical,” Mr Miller said.

“We must make good choices now about how we use, maintain, build and fund infrastructure to put Victoria in a strong position for future generations.

“From The Ground Up outlines the challenges and opportunities facing us and maps out how we will be considering these as we develop our 30-year infrastructure strategy.

Mr Miller said Infrastructure Victoria would be calling on the community and stakeholders throughout 2016 to help in the development of the strategy.

“Getting the community and stakeholders involved in the strategy will be the key to getting it right.

“One thing we know already is that we can’t do everything and we can’t have everything, so we will need people to help us make some tough decisions about what we do and how we do it.

“The decisions we make will affect everybody so we think everybody should have a say.

“This is a genuine opportunity for people to contribute to Victoria’s infrastructure future and I hope people will make the most of it,” Mr Miller said.

From The Ground Up is available on this website, along with a consultation register that people can sign up to for updates on how and when they can get involved throughout 2016.