Release of future scenarios for automated and zero emissions vehicles

Friday 11 May 2018

Infrastructure Victoria has released a report outlining future scenarios for automated and zero emissions vehicles in Victoria.

It marks an important step in the development of advice to government on what infrastructure will be required to support the introduction of automated and zero emissions vehicles in Victoria.

The report outlines a series of future scenarios to help us test some of the uncertainties Victoria is facing. The seven possible scenarios that have been identified are:

  1. Electric avenue, a world where all cars are electric
  2. Private drive, a world where your car drives you
  3. Fleet street, a world where no one owns their own car
  4. Hydrogen highway, a world where trucks lead a hydrogen revolution
  5. Slow lane, a world where man and machine meet on the road
  6. High speed, a world where driverless and electric cars arrive much sooner than we expect
  7. Dead end, a world where the hype never happened

Work is now underway to analyse and understand factors such as how and where we would charge or refuel our cars, or what kind of transport and ICT infrastructure might be required under each scenario.

We have also released a consultation report from our first phase of engagement. The report summarises what we did and heard in consultation, and how the feedback has been used. We would like to thank all those companies, industry groups, academic institutions and other stakeholders who contributed their expertise and input to help us shape our program of work.

Infrastructure Victoria will release the technical reports and analyses that will form our evidence base for consultation in August and deliver our final recommendations to government in October this year.

To read the reports, view a short animation, find out more or to get involved in our automated and zero emissions vehicle infrastructure advice, visit our advice page.