Providing independent advice

One of Infrastructure Victoria’s core roles is to provide written advice to government on specific infrastructure matters when requested. The advice that may be sought from Infrastructure Victoria is not limited to but can include:

  • assessment of any major infrastructure projects proposed by government or the private sector (market-led proposals)
  • intergovernmental submissions
  • government’s infrastructure plans.

Infrastructure Victoria will report each year in its annual report what matters the government has requested advice on.


What have we been asked to provide advice on?

Securing Victoria's ports capacity

Automated and zero emission vehicle infrastructure

Victorian Infrastructure Plan

In September 2017 the Special Minister of State requested Infrastructure Victoria to review the draft Victorian Infrastructure Plan and provide advice on the next annual update of the plan. The advice was to focus on identifying recommendations from Victoria’s 30-year infrastructure strategy that we believe should be priorities for the next Victorian Infrastructure Plan.

Our advice included specific actions that should be included in the next annual update of the Victorian Infrastructure Plan. We focused on priority next steps that can be taken to progress the top recommendations identified in the 30-year infrastructure strategy and meet the pressing infrastructure needs of areas across Melbourne and regional cities that are experiencing strong population growth.

Read the advice here - Advice on the Government's Draft 5-year Infrastructure Plan

For more information on the Victorian Infrastructure Plan visit the website.